Panels + Lectures

Our panel discussions and lectures provide an opportunity for expansive, inclusive and ongoing public dialogue about the design of our shared urban environment in Santa Fe. 

Organized around provocative and timely themes, these events invite expert speakers—architects, planners, developers, policymakers, academics—to engage the community on important issues of sustainable urban development, preservation, social equity and livability. These are opportunities for both the audience and invited speakers to share knowledge, revise opinions, and participate in creating better design and policy outcomes.

Our Next Event: Revisioning History Series │ Dates to be announced soon

Past Panels + Lectures:

Housing Different Panel Discussion

Iconic Architecture & the Romance of Santa Fe │ Craig Hoopes, Beverly Spears, Barbara Felix

The Definition and Development of Santa Fe Style │ David Rasch

Architecture: Materials and Craft │ Todd Williams, Billie Tsien